Großklaus Upcycling

The story

starts 2010 - you find the development on the blog.

The initiative "Save the potato sack"

became part of Münsters Future Designers in 2018.

Material, techniques and products

a book of upcycling ideas


Dates for classes and exhibitions can be found in the blog.


The F24 Culture-Team showed both upcycling products and traditional bobbin lace pictures in the F24 Cafe in Münster in August and September 2021. 

Donation for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) 

Großklaus offers her artwork for a donation to Physicians Without Borders. How to

Dots & Rings

The outdoor installation started February 15, 2020 at Münster's art-and-scene quarter Haverkamp. It is a growing exhibition of color spots made from one-way nets.  Their red and orange hues fit the local graffiti exceptionally well.
With time, some pieces aged as expected, some were adopted by sprayers with a message, and some of the more pretty colourful crochet rings were taken by unknown admirers:).

2nd set, March 14, 2020
3rd set, October 10, 2020
Visit June 13, 2021

Living Art

Pieces of the exhibition weathered as expected, were adopted, changed and taken away by others. Here is the status June 2021: